I've now been presenting my development or activities at a bunch of Conferences, often enough that I though I would list them here.

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Speaker Bio

Dimitri Fontaine is a PostgreSQL Major Contributor (design, review, Extensions, Event Triggers, Bi Directional Replication).

He contributes to Skytools (PGQ, Londiste) and develops pgloader, prefix and other software (mostly related to PostgreSQL or Emacs, or both). Dimitri works at 2ndQuadrant from France.

Next Conferences

Open World Forum

Explore Open Source, Open Hardware, Open Data and the Open Web with the world's top technical, business and thought leaders, and the most vibrant communities, for two days (Oct 30-31) in the heart of Paris's downtown business and entertainment district.


FOSDEM PGDay 2015 will be held on Jan 30th in Brussels, Belgium, at the Brussels Marriott Hotel. As an extension to the regular PostgreSQL devroom at FOSDEM, it will cover topics for PostgreSQL users, developers and contributors, and anybody else interested in PostgreSQL.

PG Conf Russia 2015

The Russian PostgreSQL DBMS community announces the Russian national PostgreSQL conference PgConf.Russia 2015 to be held in Moscow at 5–6 February 2015.

PostgreSQL Meetup, Paris, France

Of course we will still enjoy some PostgreSQL Meetup in Paris between now and then!


Another year, another awesome PostgreSQL Conference Europe, this time in Madrid. I had the pleasure to tell a crazy story about how to recover data from PostgreSQL with the angle that really, you should have tested backups. I also had the opportunity to present the stable version of pgloader!


The Postgres Open Conference was organized in Chicago this year again, and I had the pleasure to join that awesome conference as a speaker. I delivered a tutorial about Extensions there, then a regular talk about how to reconsider PostgreSQL as part of the development stack.


The Clustering, High Availability and Replication Conference 2014 was a success again, and I had the chance of presenting pgloader as a lightning talk.


PHP Tour Lyon 2014

June, 23 2014

The french PHP community frequently runs nice conferences, really well put together, and I had the chance to be invited to PHP Tour 2014 where I did present How to use PostgreSQL in 2014.


PGDay FR 2014

June, 16 2014

The french PostgreSQL community runs a yearly conference named PGDay.fr where I had the pleasure to present how to load data into PostgreSQL with pgloader, a talk in french.


Attending to the 7th European Lisp Symposium has been a great pleasure, as it was possible to meet with the Lisp community for real and have nice chats with people I keep reading the names of. They also hosted a couple of Lightning Talks sessions and I took the opportunity to present my work on pgloader.


I had the great pleasure to join the PGConf NYC 2014 in New York, a packed couple of days where more than 250 people attended to see a incredible list of talks.


I had the great pleasure to be invited to the Nordic PostgreSQL Day 2014 in Stockholm for a conference very well put together. It's been awesome guys!


Back from the FODESM 2014 Conference, here's the slides I've been using for the Advanced Extension Use Cases talk I gave. See also the full PostgreSQL FOSDEM Conference slides article for more coverage.


I had the pleasure to run both a tutorial and a talk at that conference. The tutorial is about PostgreSQL Extension detailed use cases, understanding what is possible to achieve from within an extension and developing your own extension. The talk is about properly migrating a database from MySQL to PostgreSQL, solving the challenges with an all-integrated tool.


I had the chance to be speaking at the Open World Forum in the NewSQL track, where we had lots of interest and excitement around the NoSQL offerings. Of course, my talk was about explaining how PostgreSQL is Web Scale with some historical background and technical examples about what this database engine is currently capable of.



July, 25 2013

I had the pleasure to give my talk about Large Scale MySQL Migration to PostgreSQL at OSCON this year, and I wish I had the presence to add this image to the slide deck:



July, 24 2013

I had the pleasure to be invited as a speaker to the PDXPUG Portland PostgreSQL User Group and I talked about how to make the best out of SQL when you're already having to be using it.


I had the pleasure to present a talk about Skytools version 3 at the San Francisco PostgreSQL User Group. The talk begins by explaining the basic architecture of Skytools and then goes through most of the features found in PGQ3 and Londiste3.


I had the pleasure to present a talk about Advanced Distributed Architectures where some examples of architectures using Streaming Replication, Skytools and PLproxy are shown. See my blog article about the conferences, Back from CHAR(13).


The talk is about how to make the most ouf of PostgreSQL when using SQL as a developer, and tries to convince you to dive into mastering SQL by showing how to solve an application example all in SQL, using window functions and common table expressions.


Then in June was the PG Day France where I presented a talk about Petabyte PostgreSQL, in french. This talk is about listing the current limitations preventing us from enjoying PostgreSQL at full capacity on a single Petabyte node, then talking about the work in progress to get there.



May, 23 2013

In may was the famous PGCON conference where PostgreSQL contributors are meeting all together, offering the occasion to run the Hackers Meeting. This year's edition has been a really great one, with lots of people attending and lots of really interesting talks to attend to. In fact, so much interesting that I almost skipped the Hallway Track entirely, which is really impressive.



March, 30 2013

The Emacs Conference took place in London, UK, and I talked about El-Get.


The conference took place in Paris, France and I talked about The Need For Speed.



February, 03 2013

This year's FOSDEM has been a great edition, in particular the FOSDEM PGDAY 2013 was a great way to begin a 3 days marathon of talking about PostgreSQL with people not only from our community but also from plenty other Open Source communities too: users!


That conference is an all french conference, so the details about the talk and the talk slides itself are in french. If that's not a language you grok, sorry for the inconvenience!


I had the pleasure to give 3 different talks at that conference. One of them is a ligthning talk, which helps. I didn't list the training I did the day before the public conference did open though.


Postgres Open

September, 17 2012

Once a Top-10 internet audience site. 32 million users. Billions of photos and comments, more than 6TB of them. Migrating away from MySQL to PostgreSQL!


That conference is an all french conference, so the details about the talk and the talk slides itself are in french. If that's not a language you grok, sorry for the inconvenience!



May, 17 2012

See my Back From PgCon blog article about the conference, you can grab the slides at the official conference website.


See my Back From Amsterdam blog article about the conference. Most of this conference slide decks are available at the PostgreSQL Conference Europe Talks 2011 wiki page.



May, 19 2011

See also my blog articles Back from Ottawa, preparing for Cambridge. I gave a talk about Extensions, both about developing the feature and developments using it.



February, 04 2011

See also my blog articles Going to FOSDEM and Back from FOSDEM.


Extension's development was the Hot topic of the days.



May, 20 2010

See also my blog article Back from PgCon2010.


You can see my talks at PGDay.eu 2009 here, and a copy is of course available. See also my blog article PGday.eu feedback.



May, 21 2009

I did again the lightning talk about PGQ. See also my blog article about PgCon 2009.


You can find all the talks of this conference from the European PGDay 2008 page on the PostgreSQL wiki.