Another awesome conf

October, 30 2012

Last week was PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2012 in Prague, and it's been awesome. Many thanks to the organisers who did manage to host a very smooth conference with 290 attendees, including speakers. That means you kept walking into interesting people to talk to, and in particular the Hallway Track has been a giant success.


Prefixes and Ranges

October, 16 2012

It's been a long time since I last had some time to spend on the prefix PostgreSQL extension and its prefix_range data type. With PostgreSQL 9.2 out, some users wanted me to update the extension for that release, and hinted me that it was high time that I fix that old bug for which I already had a patch.


Reset Counter

October, 05 2012

I've been given a nice puzzle that I think is a good blog article opportunity, as it involves some thinking and window functions.