On the PostgreSQL Hackers mailing lists, Andrew Dunstan just proposed some new options for pg_dump and pg_restore to ease our lives. One of the answers was talking about some scripts available to exploit the pg_restore listing that you play with using options -l and -L, or the long name versions --list and --use-list. The pg_staging tool allows you to easily exploit those lists too.


Skytools, version 3

August, 26 2011

You can find skytools3 in debian experimental already, it's in release candidate status. What's missing is the documentation, so here's an idea: I'm going to make a blog post series about skytools next features, how to use them, what they are good for, etc. This first article of the series will just list what are those new features.


pgfincore in debian

August, 19 2011

As of pretty recently, pgfincore is now in debian, as you can see on its postgresql-9.0-pgfincore page. The reason why it entered the debian archives is that it reached the 1.0 release!


Échappement de chaînes

August, 18 2011

Parmis les nouveautés de la prochaine version de PostgreSQL, la fameuse 9.1, il faut signaler le changement de valeur par défaut de la variable standard_conforming_strings, qui passe à vraie.



August, 18 2011

From the first days of el-get is was quite clear for me that we would reach a point where users would want a nice listing including descriptions of the packages, and a major mode allowing you to select packages to install, remove and update. It was also quite clear that I was not much interested into doing it myself, even if I would appreciate having it done.


pgloader constant cols

August, 12 2011

The previous articles in the pgloader series detailed How To Use PgLoader then How to Setup pgloader, then what to expect from a parallel pgloader setup, and then pgloader reformating. Another need you might encounter when you get to use pgloader is adding constant values into a table's column.


Emacs Startup

August, 06 2011

Using Emacs we get to manage a larger and larger setup file (either ~/.emacs or ~/.emacs.d/init.el), sometime with lots of dependencies, and some sub-files thanks to the load function or the provide and require mechanism.


pgloader reformating

August, 05 2011

Back to our series about pgloader. The previous articles detailed How To Use PgLoader then How to Setup pgloader, then what to expect from a parallel pgloader setup. This article will detail how to reformat input columns so that what PostgreSQL sees is not what's in the data file, but the result of a transformation from this data into something acceptable as an input for the target data type.


See Tsung in action

August, 02 2011

Tsung is an open-source multi-protocol distributed load testing tool and a mature project. It's been available for about 10 years and is built with the Erlang system. It supports several protocols, including the PostgreSQL one.


Parallel pgloader

August, 01 2011

This article continues the series that began with How To Use PgLoader then detailed How to Setup pgloader. We have some more fine points to talk about here, today's article is about loading your data in parallel with pgloader.


pgloader en parallèle

August, 01 2011

Dans la série des articles sur pgloader, nous détaillons cette fois la configuration du paraléllisme de chargement des données. Une fois de plus, je vous réfère à l'article de référence en anglais : Parallel pgloader.